Our families, parents, and children rely on high quality institutions of public education; an educated electorate is essential to our society. 

Service in our schools is a high calling, deserving of the support of our community and its resources. 

Our legislative district includes part of the Westside, Omaha, and Millard School Districts. The funding and work of these strong school systems is greatly impacted by laws, regulation, and funding that originate in the legislature, state, and local government. 

In my prior role on the Board of Education for Westside Community Schools and through my current work on the Educational School Unit #3 Board of Education, I have been, and will continue to be, a strong and effective advocate for our school districts, parents, and students. My tenure in these positions has heightened my commitment and passion for providing our students with a great education; and will be helpful in my work as your next state senator. 

My wife Dari and I raised nine children, five of whom we adopted. I coached youth basketball, softball, and baseball for thirty years. I recognize that children from all backgrounds need to be invested in and encouraged in order to realize their full potential. An important part of leading on educational issues is knowing the needs and impact of our decisions on children.