Mental Health Services

Should I have the honor of representing you in the Nebraska
Legislature, one of the issues I will devote considerable effort
toward is improving mental health services that are provided by all
levels of government, non-profit organizations, and for-profit

For far too long, mental health issues and treatment needs have not had the public awareness that is needed to make a larger impact. Our neighbors of every age, background, income, and circumstance are impacted by mental health issues, especially so during this worldwide pandemic, which has led to considerable employment and financial stress.

While many public and private initiatives in mental health services have put us in an improved position, we can and must do more. My goal is to improve the availability and efficiency of these services, make them as affordable as we can for those who need them, and leave no one that needs help behind through no fault of their own. A primary goal is to provide law enforcement the training and resources it needs during crisis intervention situations, and staffing and supplying local emergency treatment for those experiencing psychotic breaks.

I have worked for years, both professionally and as a volunteer, in organizations that are making a difference. I look forward to more progress on these life-impacting matters to include peer support to help manage and teach resiliency; and to allow for rehabilitative changes which work toward the best interests of individuals and our community.