Property Taxes

The number one issue for many in our district is the property tax burden, and understandably so. 

Our reliance on property taxes over income taxes and sales taxes is out of sync. In 2021, the effective property tax rate in Nebraska is the country’s eighth highest. 

Our high property tax rate puts us at a competitive disadvantage with our neighboring states with whom we compete for job growth, new business, and new residents. Many families and retired residents simply can’t afford it. 

It is important to also acknowledge the significant progress in Lincoln the last two years by the Governor and the Unicameral in directing far more money to the state’s two main property tax relief programs. So, while the state has made progress on reducing our property tax bill, more work needs to be done. 

There are things we can do, though, and I support efforts to more broadly and fairly allocate the expenses of state and local governments over our largest revenue sources. We must take a hard look at sales tax policy to broaden it when appropriate by eliminating exemptions and ensuring full compliance including online sales tax collections in order to level the tax burden in a more equitable manner.

We must be good stewards of tax dollars, always being mindful to make sure every tax dollar is spent wisely.